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Sheโ€™s Bomb Society

Who Are We?


We are a powerhouse Sisterhood where we come together as sisters in spirit and join forces to create positive change, enriching each other's lives along the way. We're an energetic community of like-minded women who believe in living life with purpose, striving to be our best selves.

We believe that in order for us as individuals to grow, we have to surround ourselves with others who have a similar mindset and aspirations. We are more than a collection of individuals; we are a sisterhood who laugh together, support each other, and encourage each other.

We encourage growth and balance in all areas of life, from body to soul, financial to spiritual, social to mental and everything in between. We discuss values, goals, challenges and struggles in a judgement free zone. We celebrate our victories and support one another through the lows.

We aim to inspire, motivate, connect, and support women through sharing of experiences and resources.

Meet the Creator.

Katana K,ย inspired by her own transformation and love for self-development, women, and curating safe spaces, She's Bomb Society was birthed. Katana believes that your transformation is your story, and She's Bomb Society is here to inspire and support you as you make your way down the path of self-love, happiness and personal growth. Loving yourself is the key to living your ideal life. From self-care, mindful living, personal development and positive thinking she wanted to offer women a supportive membership community where you can be vulnerable and true to yourself so that you can let go of limiting beliefs, step into your greatness, and create a life you love with other women who are doing the same.

Is our Sisterhood for you?

Sis, we are looking for women ready to show up and show outย in all aspects of their life! Ladies working on themselves, bringing their A-Game to the table in every phase of life while opening doors of opportunity to others. We have created a space that gives women hope and allows them to thrive in their gifts. We have been dreaming big since the beginning, but with the help of you, we can accomplish so much more.ย 

Our vision is to create a community of women who contribute value on a regular basis. This could be virtually or in real life. We can all have our own unique gift that we contribute to She's Bomb Society, however we feel guided. It's time to lead and shine in new ways!ย 

Our members are entrepreneurs, creatives, mommas with career aspirations, goal-oriented millennials, and anyone in between whoโ€™s interested in an exclusive network for amazing women.

When you join us, you'll have the opportunity to grow, give and receive support, connect with women from across the country, discover your purpose & shine your light. As a member you will become more empowered to pursue your dreams both personally and professionally.

We're more than just a movement, we are a society! As leaders in this global movement, we are dedicated to our members first and foremost. We believe in self-care, investing in others, owning your light, and uplifting one another.ย 

We do not discriminate: race, color or creed we all stand on the same playing field here at She's Bomb Society - if you're a woman who owns her light and is ready to live life on her terms then we welcome you with open arms.

What are our members saying?


Members of She's Bomb Society receive access to our private community full of positive vibes and great energy. Be inspired daily, engage with women who push themselves everyday, gain accountability partners, participate in exclusive community challenges, attend events that allow you to connect, gain access to resources and so much more.ย 

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๐Ÿ’• Virtual Events

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๐Ÿ’• ย Retreatsย 

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Members Only Retreat


Our events have been created to help you get the full "She's Bomb Society Experience." Our retreats are exclusive and member only. Join a group of women for an experience of a lifetime.

Check out our recap video from the She's Bomb Society X Miami Retreat November 2020. Nine women flew from all over the USA to have this life-changing experience!

She's Bomb Society X Miami 2

We will be hosting our next retreat in Miami May 21st- 24th 2021.ย 

The Movement.

She's Bomb Society is a movement that will awaken your inner Queen, and connect you to a tribe of like-minded other women. We believe in the Power of Women! Period.ย When we come together to connect, support, and show love to one another by sharing our gifts and experiences we create a massive impact.ย 

What if I want to cancel?

If you decide that our sisterhood here at She's Bomb Society is not a good fit for you. We would hate to see you go, but no problem sis, you can cancel your membership at anytime.

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